Precision Agriculture

Enabling Farmers and Vintners to Produce More, Spend Less, and Conserve Natural Resources

Unmanned aerial systems provide a complete, flexible, automated, and very cost-effective solution for crop scouting. By automatically flying large payloads of cameras, video equipment, and a suite of remote detection sensors on preprogrammed routes over a farmer’s field, the same crop information that previously required manual labor and satellite imagery to acquire is instantly available to the farmer without the requirement for manual laborers to access and walk their fields.

Other markets of interest include city municipalities, power grid service lines, fire protection districts, and flooding or natural disaster assistance.

Initially Iron Ridge is focused solely on precision agriculture applications that include crop management, hydration/irrigation issues, and efficient pesticide and fertilizer application. After establishing commercial success in the precision agricultural market, Iron Ridge will expand into additional high-potential commercial sectors, including but not limited to:

Lightweight advanced composite construction

Easily deployable via hand launch; requires no special launch mechanism. Quick-interchange payloads up to 8 Ibs including optical imaging systems, ground sensors, and additional batteries for increased flight duration. Breaks down into 4-foot carrying case and rapidly assembles; wingspan can be added in the field for additional lift and heavier payloads.

Iron Ridge-UAS offers both a service deployment for inspection of city municipalities or power grid companies, as well as agriculture crop scouting companies the opportunity to purchase a UAS system for the inspection of farmlands.

Crop scouting with a UAS equipped with thermal imaging and sensors allows farmers to analyze their fields quickly without commonly-associated fuel and labor costs.


Config #1

The IRE-AG Advanced Composite UAS

Config #2

IRE-AG Poly Bird